Is a Dog the Best Roommate?

Studies have shown an increase in pet-friendly colleges. More and more college students are bringing, not only their textbooks to school, but their dogs as well. As I mentioned in my first blog post, A Dog Owner’s Guide to Surviving College, it is HARD leaving your dog at home when you go to college. You miss them and they miss you more. So, why not just take them with you?

Bo, the cute dog, is living in the dorms here at Furman. Image: Courtney Mettler


It is becoming increasingly common for college students to have pets, especially dogs, with them on campus. Some colleges, like Eckerd College, allow dogs to live in the dorm with students. The school enforces specific policies and regulations related to animals in residence dorms in order to keep the animals safe.

This video is about Stephens College, where dogs are allowed in the dorms. Video: Petcentric.

What are the benefits of living with a dog on campus?

  1. They teach you responsibility. You have to learn how to take care of a living thing. Dogs have to go out, eat, drink water, go on walks, socialize, be trained, play, etc.
  2. They make you take breaks (to love on them of course)!
  3. Dogs help you make human friends!
  4. Dogs are proven to be stress relievers and make people happy! Both of which can be extremely beneficial to a struggling college kid.
  5. They will listen to all of your problems without complaining and without spreading gossip around campus. You’ll have a built in best friend.
A student is happier because her roommate is a dog and can’t steal her clothes. Image: Seattle Times


What are the cons of living with a dog on campus?

  1. You’re not as likely to get your room deposit back: Dogs have accidents sometimes.
  2. Some dogs bark… a lot.
  3. Dogs are expensive. Their average yearly cost is $3,000. You have to learn how to budget in order to pay for their food, medicine, and toys.
  4. You still have to take them out even if it’s raining, snowing, or cold. They can’t pee inside (see con #1).
  5. They will become your #1 priority. Maybe you miss a party or just don’t want to leave them alone, but dogs are a huge responsibility.


So, should you have a dog as your college roommate? Assuming you attend a pet friendly college, the choice is yours, but keep in mind how rewarding and exhausting it will be. Although, dogs are pretty cute…

Dogs are always happy on campus, because they love people as much as we love them. Collage: Courtney Mettler

Photo Credit: YouTube Video, Girl with Dog Roommate, Collage (one, two, three, and four)



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