What Have I Learned About Digital Literacy?

In today’s day and age, it’s not just enough to have social media accounts or know of certain software, you have to know how to use them to your full advantage. More, importantly you have to know how to communicate effectively with them.

Glynda Hall addresses the importance of digital literacy in her article, At Last: Youth Culture and Digital Media: New Literacies for New Times.

Multiple areas of knowledge are needed to achieve full digital literacy. Infographic: POMO Blog

Hall mentions an “importance of representation of self and others” as crucial to our professional and personal success. So, video, podcast, blog, photograph, and website production are essential building blocks to digital literacy, but they’re just the beginning.

In my Digital Communications class at Furman University, Dr. Kwami taught us essential tools for surviving and thriving in a digital age by establishing our personal brands. This class was a learning experience for me because it seriously pushed my comfort zone.



We were assigned two videos to produce, one individually and one in a group. We saw through the whole process, from pre production all the way to post production. I love watching movies but I never thought I would be able to create them.

I am pretty proud of my individual video. I used Adobe Premier Elements to produce it, as well as the appropriate equipment. Although I love what I’ve done, there’s still more I could do to improve it in terms of better b roll and a more in depth story arch. Watch about the Greenville Humane Society below!

I am incredibly proud of my group video. Not only did my group and I delegate effectively between the three of us, but we also communicated the story to the viewer. We got up at 5 am some morning just to film for our video… Now that’s commitment. Please watch the story of females in ROTC below!



I also experimented with creating podcasts this semester! Before this class I had no idea what Audacity was and now I know how to change sound levels and create podcasts.

My group’s topic was major stereotypes at Furman University. For some insight in the topic, listen below!



Circling back to self branding, I designed a personal website. To be competitive in the modern job search, you have to find ways to stand out against the boring black and white resumes with kids who all have 4.0 GPAs.

Screenshot of my personal website. Image: Courtney Mettler

I was able to dig deep into myself and ask my friends and family what makes me Courtney Mettler, in order to brand myself in my personal website.

I love the way my website looks. It’s bright, happy, and professional. I’ve already used it to search for internships, get my name out there, and control the content about me online. Help get my name out there on the web, visit my website here!



I am grateful for the opportunity to take this course during my college experience. In addition to video, podcast, and website production, I also brushed up my skills on Adobe Photoshop and relevant social media platforms. I am more digitally literate than I was, but I will continue exploring and learning in order to keep up. Digital platforms are continuously evolving and we need to evolve with them.


Thank you, Dr. Kwami!


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